Saturday, December 19, 2015

Impact of K-12 Education Program on the society

Statistics have shown that the K-12 education system has had a tremendous impact on the academic and personal success of the students enrolled in it.  After enrolling in the Program you will notice, how the program strongly affects the growth of the students in subjects like math and science.  Surveys have shown that the parents and students are highly satisfied with the program.  The Online learning system ensures that a large network of friendships is built through this K-12 program.

K-12 Program Statistics – A Sneak Peak
•    92% of parents say that the K-12 education system has benefitted their child academically.
•    91% parents say that the curriculum has largely helped prepare the student for future success.
•    90% parents say they are properly satisfied with the teaching methods enforced by the K-12 education system.
•    98% of parents have said their children have become friendly and have developed improved intercommunication skills as a result of joining the K-12 program.

Annual Academic K-12 Report
Surveys published on the website have shown that the technology enabled learning process promotes individualized learning. The whole survey showed the clear eyed view of the growth of the K-12 program amongst different industry standards.  The annual report showed that college strongly prefers students from a K-12 background.  The decades have proved the promise of the K-12 system as it has survived through different challenges and has thrived on investments, partnerships and innovation

Feedback from Parents
Overall the feedback received from the parents has been very encouraging. .  It has been proven that the longer students stay in the K-12 education they tend to perform better in science subjects.  Compared to students who have enrolled in the in the course for less than year, a higher proficiency has been achieved in learning for students who have remained enrolled in the course for three years.

Current K-12 School Situation in India
The current K-12 school situation in India is in a constructive stage.  India is famous for having the highest number of Schools, universities and college imbibing the K-12 education program when compared to the US or UK. The current situation includes a total of 250 million plus students studying in the K-12 education system along with 1. 4 million school.  These statistics are not present in any other part of the world except India.  The current annual growth rate in the number of schools shows a huge hike. It increased from 1.2 million in year 2005 to 1.4 million in the year 2011.  The CAGR is 2.5 percent.  The current annual growth rate of students enrolling in these schools has become 2.2% ultimately to become 253 million students in the year 2011.

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