Saturday, December 19, 2015

Reasons behind the Application of The K-12 Education System In schools

Many parents hear about the K-12 Education concept even before their child is born. However most of them don’t know what it means as they are directly not involved with it.  This is the reason that parents heavily research this topic to gain insight into their child future education prospects. The child is going to grow up and seek employment in the future. K-12 system is designed to ensure your child is adapted to beat all odds and appear as a winner.

Why the K-12 Education System?
The K-12 education system basically refers to a combination of primary school, middle school, high school teaching curriculum for students learning at the kindergarten to the twelfth grade level.  This educates the student to be ready for college courses and university education level. Statistics show parents who have selected the right K-12 education system for their children have directly benefited them to get into better jobs and gain success.

Variants of the K-12 Education System:
The K-12 education system consists of breakups. The K-6 concept exists as well witching the K-12 education tenet.  The K-6 concept involves a learning coach who plans and formulates a school program for each individual student. A parent’s involvement is imperative in the education of a child in the K-6 education system. A daily investment of at least 5 to 6 hours is highly necessary to coach the child.  This level of commitment slowly decreases as the student progresses into middle school and gains more independence in thought process.  Later the workload increases its entirety to the student.

Field Trips an important part of this unique style of teaching
The K-12 education system is known to inculcate a curriculum of field trips in their education system.  This outing provides unique learning advantages and opportunities to students hereby engage their attention to make overall learning fun.  The field trips go on throughout the year and for people of all ages.  The plan to visit monuments and historical sites are exciting prospect to the children involved.  Visiting science museums and trips to theatres provide massive exposure to students which they would not have gained otherwise.  This is not only culturally enriching for active learners but also a fun way to make school more interesting.

Subjects Studied In The classroom
Subjects taught in the K-12 education system is varied and numerous. Since the objective is to provide students with best quality education. Science math and English are given a huge importance. Extracurricular activities are hugely encouraged as the development of a child is incomplete without exposure to physical activities.  Personal training, Debating, Elocution, music, drama are all courses imbibed in this concept. 

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