Saturday, January 9, 2016

Postgraduate Engineering Degrees in USA

Last post was about the graduate engineering degrees in the universities in USA. Now I shall tell you about the post graduate degrees in US. This will offer you the comprehensive knowledge about US engineering courses.

Master's Programme Admission
If you want to gain admission to post graduate engineering programmes in the US, the majority schools necessitate applicants to have engineering undergraduate degree, except a maths or science degree may be good enough. Several postgraduate programmes will anticipate students to be know the fundamental electric circuits and electromagnetic theory. If you aren’t at ease with some central engineering theories it might be likely to complete counteractive courses alongside  your postgraduate degree.

If you hold Bachelor's degree from an overseas institution and are looking to continue your Engineering education in USA by taking up a postgraduate degree you may have to establish that your foreign degree is considerably equal to an ABET recognized institution. Most postgraduate engineering course applications need a certified record of past studies, a letter of reference, a personal statement and a minimum TOEFL test score of 550. Some courses may need a graduate admission test, like GRE.

Master's Programme Curriculum
Postgraduate engineering students can receive a Master's of Engineering (MEng) or Master's of Science (MS). It is ordinary for graduate students to decide to focus in one of the five fundamental fields of engineering- chemical, civil, industrial, electrical, or mechanical. Most postgraduate engineering courses develop the skills enviable in a competitive work atmosphere. Many engineering schools present a programme focussed on working in teams, using technology, and taking programmes in other disciplines.

Doctorate Programmes
The two top degrees an engineer can be awarded are a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Science (DSc). To achieve a position as a researcher/ teacher, most engineers should have a Doctorate degree. This degree typically takes almost 7 years of undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Fellowships and Scholarships for Engineering Studies
Several scholarships and fellowships have been instituted to help promote study and research in the engineering area. Most of these are meant for students going to pursue careers in engineering. Students interested in Engineering have to contact organisations specialising in their specific field for information about grants that may be open for them. You should contact all institutions where you intend to apply and find out about university-funded fellowships and scholarships, which are becoming ever more frequent in engineering fields. Also look for teaching assistantships, administrative assistantships or research assistantships presented by the university.

The organisations I am listing below offer financial support for students interested in engineering and want to study in USA. It is not an exhaustive list, and you are urged to do your own research and find new funding opportunities. Students should speak to funding organisations directly to establish their eligibility for the awards.
Engineering Fellowships, Grants and Scholarships
Norway – America Association
Peterson’s Scholarship Search: International Undergraduate Awards
Peterson’s Scholarship Search: International Graduate Awards
U. S – Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange.

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