Saturday, December 19, 2015

Growing Importance OF the K-12 System of Education

The K-12 education system inculcates the presence of a k-8 and a K-6 education program within its ambit.  The k-6 program consists of students studying between the kindergartens and class 6 levels. The K-8 program necessarily involves the student’s progress from Kindergarten to class 8. The learning coach’s duties in both these levels are imperative. The correct course of action if followed will ensure the improved chances of success in the future of the child.

Introduction of the K8 program within the K-12 Program
The K-8 program guarantees the quality of excellence from the start to finish couples with a dynamic course curriculum.   K-8 program is a comprehensive subsidiary program from the K-12 course. The K-8 partners with K-12 partner colleges and schools to provide intelligent young minds with a learning surrounding like no other. The K-8 program promises a dynamic curriculum with 75 online teaching courses in 7 subjects. Languages, English, art, Science, Math history and Geography are taught.

Online Teaching Program
The K-12 education program is famous for its curriculum throughout the world. The countries in USA, Canada and India are readily adopting this program.  The online process of program delivery is a comprehensive Online School program providing technology and tools to create and manage your account.  The combination of online as well as interactive offline materials to conform to various learning styles is productive in nature. Provision of award winning theory textbooks, videos and Cd’s are promised as well. 

Teaching Support
The K-12 program involves a learning coach who facilitates the learning process of the student. In this case a learning coach is the parent who encourages his child through daily investments of 5 to 6 hours. A state certified instructor is also assigned to the learning coach, who in turn coaches the parent to reach a new level of dynamic.  A function of the learning coach is multifaceted. He is responsible for the constant communication between the individual teacher assigned to the student as well as monitoring student’s progress. He is also responsible for the focus on each individual Childs problematic grey area.

Scope of Improvement of the K-12 Education System
The team in charge of development constantly takes feedback from the learning coach involved in the program.  Parents can suggest improvements in lesson plans and expect regular up gradation of the course in progress.  The availability of the online management tools and scheduling practice ensure ease of access for the parents without compromising on the Childs education.  The ability to customize the education plan is an option that lies with the parent.  Examples include a student if devotes more time to science or English may be able to concentrate better.

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