Saturday, December 19, 2015

K-12 education India and its significance

The education system plays a vital role in the overall development of the students. Since, primary education was not given much importance in India; many differences were seen lately in the students after entering into the secondary level phase. In order to develop skills in the sectors such as concentration, computer application, intelligence level, innovative mind etc, the trend of K-12 education system is introduced in India. This is a program in which more focus is set upon the teacher and student interaction. The more teachers communicate and discuss lessons with the students, the more chances are there for the better understanding. However, ‘K’ is the symbol given for kindergarten education level and ‘12’ signifies the 12th standard.

Method of old education system

In our country, education has a prominent niche since ages. So many scholars, scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers and technical experts gained education in India. Usually two main methods are used to educate the students, 1-theoritically, and 2- practically. When teachers are done with chapter recitation and explanation, then they switch to practical projects and viva sessions. Thus, many subjects like English, Hindi and mathematics were not used for practical knowhow. Later, in last few years, the education system got a big drastic transformation. Now education ministers, board members and scholars are looking forward to involve each and every subject into assignments and practical understandings, rather than only emphasizing upon the text books reading and writing.

Benefits of the K-12 education

With the help of the respective education method, many teachers and students will be able to feel free, interact very well and will be able to discuss on a comfortable platform. Assignments which will be given on each subject will have informative ideas, questions based on the mental and physical development. Even suggestions with student’s understanding will be asked to pen down in the projects so that teachers could understand, that what all is being taught in the classes are perfectly imparted to them or not.

Another main benefit which students will gain by this system is that, they will have the complete knowledge of the IT skills and communication skills by the age of 15. The focus of the child will be towards their career since primary level.

Who adapted the K-12 education system?

In various countries, this system is already being executed since years. In India, the method is under execution, one or two college has enrolled with the system; while there are many under the process of implementation. In one of the university in USA, students claimed that this system have given them better market approach vision and enhanced overall skills. They also acknowledged that teachers are friendlier; less structured towards written work and allow students to bring out the ideas whenever required.

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