Saturday, December 19, 2015

The reason why the K-12 Education System In schools are applied now

Parents are now concern about their child’s future studies, since they heard about the K-12 education system. Even they are not completely aware of the concept, still they believe it will change the development scenario of the country someday. The education prospects are bright with the aid and support of the k-12 education system. The child will grow, seek employment and will apply fundamentals taught in life practically to their day to day jobs.

What are the features of the K-12 program?
In the K-12 education program, two basic systems are involved which are- K-8 and K-6 education system. These were implemented in many countries, and now the unique combination of the method is incorporated and formed as the K-12. The primary school, middle school and higher secondary school curriculum is transformed in such a manner that students get the opportunity to enhance their skills in every possible way. The system in which lessons are taught by using the digital screens, illustrative videos and easy language, that system is known as K-12 education program.

Advantage of the education online program
Students are gaining big achievements in their life, when they are following the K-12 program. Even, university in USA is following the program, government gives the provision of the free education starting from the kindergarten till class 12th. Parents are also involved nicely by giving them the privilege to share ideas and opinions with the teachers. Skills are sharpened, communication features boost up chiefly, awareness of the surroundings improves and mental abilities grow.

What is the field trip in the education system?
Field trips itself defines that the learning process is simplified by using the trips to the departments and arena where tangible objects or entities are accessible. For example, students are taken to the planetarium or the aquarium centre of the city, so that they can see with their naked eyes all the fishes and aquatic animals. The learning through vision is more impactful than the books. Many instructors and learning coaches are involved in different schools that are well trained in the respective program. Field trips initially cost nothing and are a part of the variant education system. Mainly students who are interested in science subject get the opportunity to avail such trips benefits.

What all subjects are taught in the classroom?
Usually, common subjects such as- science, math English, history, geography, languages and environmental studies are taught in the K-12 enabled classrooms. The method of teaching is different from the traditional ones. The reasoning, involvement of the student, interaction with teachers and assignments help in understanding the subject very nicely. Overall, students are able to develop interest in the subjects which were seemed to be boring during the traditional classrooms.

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