Saturday, January 9, 2016

Studying MBA in USA- Things To Know

The USA is the largest economy in the world and if you are planning to study abroad then US is a great choice. Education in USA is of the finest quality and the MBA programs in the US are one of the best in the world. These professional courses offer students a prospect to study in a thrilling global environment alongside students from different cultural background who decide to study in USA.

MBA in the U.S. University is typically a two year duration program. The course structure is a combination of real – world case studies discussions and internships options. U.S. Universities offer option for both students with or without work experience. To apply for MBA programs in any university in U.S.A. you are required to take the pre-requisite standardised test, which is sustained with attractive resume, solid statement of purpose, and helpful letters of recommendation. The program is the incorporation of chief traits necessary in a business graduate and trains them to undertake challenges in their career.

The crucial admission eligibility norm for MBA programs under US education system is at least 16 years of undergraduate education. It is expected from you to have completed four years of education after the high school / junior college from an accredited college/university. It means Indian aspirants who only have three-year graduation degree would not be eligible for the program. Therefore, it is essential that Indian students attain a post graduation degree or a professional four-year degree.

Now let us take a look at the Admission Requirements:

Graduate Management Admissions Test is compulsory for candidates to attain high GMAT score to ask for admissions in business school

You also need to submit your TOEFL or IELTS scores at the submission time. Your scores have to be quite good.

Essays & Resume
Write convincing essays and resumes to stress your most salient traits and make you stand out from all others to the admission board.

Letter of Recommendation
A recommendation letter which highlights candidates’ academic/professional achievements in world would add worth to the application. It is prudent to get them from the academic institution or from workplace that emphasize your management qualities and other professional skills.

Industry Experience
Although it isn’t obligatory for all business schools, it adds value to the contention if the aspirants have a work experience in the industry. The work experience letter has to be also submitted along with the admission form.

The interview is mostly conducted at the end of the admittance process. These are conducted by a faculty member or a staff member or a third party selected by the business school. These interviews are mainly meant for information exchange and allow the university rep to review the candidates’ focus, enthusiasm, potential career goals and persona.
The entire program has case-study focused schooling methodology endows students with realistic knowledge and trains them for the industry role. The MBA program also imbibes diverse soft skills like team-building, decision making, management, entrepreneurial, etc.